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  •  Detailed Market Analysis
  • Buyer and Seller Pricing Guidance
  • Marketing Elements Matched to Specific Buyer and Seller Segments 
  • Fact Based Negotiation Techniques
  • Off-Market Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Network of Buyers, Sellers, Brokers & Affiliates

Residential Frequently Asked Questions


I am thinking about Buying or Selling, what should I do first?

We would encourage you to get a cup of coffee and read through the rest of these frequently asked questions. This would act as a great starting point. Next, call us. Honestly, you have nothing to lose. It won’t cost you anything and we want to help. For many people a home is the largest financial transaction they will ever make. Why do it alone? Our initial interview process is designed to help uncover your objectives and draft a creative strategy that will accomplish your goals fast!  

How do I determine the value of my home?

A home’s value is always determined by opinion. This opinion is supported by market level details and comparable sales. The market is impacted both positively and negatively due to general rules of supply and demand. Many people think they can determine their home value by researching deeds, tax slips or previous appraisals. While these are good tools that can help create an opinion, they are not comprehensive enough to fine tune a pricing strategy. When clients work with Blue C Real Estate, we analyze data from both public and private sources to provide you the facts and recommendations related to your pricing strategy and overall real estate goals. 

How long will all of this take?

For each side of the transaction the length of time can be different. The amount of time it will take a Buyer to find their home can be decreased with the help of Blue C Real Estate. Additionally, the amount of time it will take a Seller to find a Buyer can be decrease with our help. There is really two ways to look at this question:

1.  The amount of time it takes from the time a home is posted on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to gaining agreement between Buyer and Seller and moving the home “Contingent”. This is typically called “Days on Market” or “DOM”. In our area the average DOM in 2019 is 77.  If you have questions about a specific area let us know.

2. Next, it the amount of time it takes to close the transaction from the time agreement is reached to closing. This time can vary drastically depending on the type of loan and bank the Buyer is using. In most cases a qualified Buyer who responds to the bank requests timely and stays engaged throughout the entire process should be able to close a real estate transaction in about 45 days.

How much out of pocket money do I need?

In all cases there is likely out of pocket money that will need to be taken into consideration. The amount can increase or decrease, depending on the nature of the transaction. In general here are a few items that will likely need to be paid for out of pocket in most real estate transactions:


Appraisal: $500.00 - $600.00 +/-

Home Inspection: $300.00 - $500.00 +/-

Pest Inspection: $30.00 - $70.00 +/-

Additionally, the bank may require a few additional items when processing your application. They will also provide you any other out of pocket expenses you will need to consider based on your specific transaction requirements.


There are no specific out of pocket expenses designated to the Seller. However, the Seller should be prepared for items that could come up during the Buyer’s inspections and appraisal. These items could require out of pocket money to be remedied.

Does the type of loan really matter?

Absolutely! A home can be purchased in a few different manners and each loan type has a different set of requirements for the Buyer, Seller and the home. Download the "Loan Requirements" file below to review a few examples of how a loan can impact home features. 

Loan Requirements (jpg)


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We are a boutique firm created to provide a tailored real estate experience.

We provide professional Buyer and Seller real estate representation designed to maximize your interest and limit your risk.

Our clients benefit by working directly with us, the firm Owners. We are constantly monitoring the local market conditions and focus on providing step by step support to meet your real estate objectives.

Key Attributes


  • Detailed Market Analysis
  • Buyer and Seller Pricing Guidance
  • Always on Always Connected Client Support
  • Marketing Elements Matched to Specific Buyer and Seller Segments 
  • Fact Based Negotiation Techniques
  • Off-Market Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Network of Buyers, Sellers, Brokers & Affiliates

Community Engagement

  • Kairos Prison Ministry
  • Polar Bear Running Boosters
  • Marion County 4-H Foundation
  • MPARC Volunteer
  • Fairmont Board of REALTORS
  • Southridge Church

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